Week 5, Day 2: New Shoes

Today was the first day running in my new shoes (Nike Lunarglide+ 3) as well as the longest run since we started — eight minutes without stopping, flanked by two five-minute runs and two three-minute walks.

It also began 20 minutes earlier because we have decided to incorporate some toning routines into our running sessions. Using the Nike Training Club app, we do one of three 15-minute targeted workouts before or after completing our run. Today was the “Back Definer” workout, which involves a standing-on-one-leg-balancing-and-bending act, so we did that BEFORE turning our legs to jelly with the 18-minutes-total run (we learned from Saturday’s attempt that this workout is extremely difficult AFTER running). I like the NTC app because it gives a variety of exercise combinations, each focusing on a specific body area or training goal. It’s basically a personal trainer in your pocket. You can even watch videos to figure out some of the more obscure moves, like “Crazy Ivans” from the “Ab Burner” routine.

The run itself was difficult, which was not a surprise. But my shoes were amazing! These are a “stability” shoe, so there is a lot going on in the heel area. When I first put them on at the store, I made the comment that it felt like there was something under my heels, something foamy (as in, made of foam — think Memory Foam, not frothy like root beer). It takes a bit to get used to you feet springing back up with each step, especially when walking.

But when running, it’s like a dream! I’m bouncing, I’m bouncing!

Apparently, this bouncing and raised heel thing causes some of the muscles in your calve and thigh to react differently, so although my feet felt great, I did have some muscle pain other places. I’m hoping this will improve as I get used to the new AWESOME shoes.

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2 thoughts on “Week 5, Day 2: New Shoes

  1. J9 STYLE says:

    Gotta try these shoes. I’m probably wearing the wrong sneakers for runniing.

    • Emily says:

      I definitely recommend finding a running store that will take a close look at your feet and running style. I think it’s going to make a difference!

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