Week 5, Day 3: Looking for Benefits

Today’s workout consisted of two eight-minute runs with a five-minute walk between. My feet and left leg/calf were still a little sore from Wednesday’s run in the new shoes, but by the time we finished, I was loosened up. I think it may just take several runs for my feet and leg muscles to get used to the difference in shoes. Because of the raised heel, I tend to land more on the ball of my foot rather than the heel, which — I think — is the idea.

So, I’m doing OK with the actual running. However, I do have a bone to pick with my metabolism.

I weigh myself once a week at work to get points for our worksite wellness program (which is awesome, by the way; with all the rewards I earn in a year, it’s enough to pay for nearly half of my gym membership!). Anyway, that means I usually have a pretty good idea of my weight. It may not be where I want it, but — by golly — it is consistent. Usually within two or three ounces up or down. However, since I started running (a mere five weeks ago), I have gained three solid pounds. Three. Don’t-think-it’s-water-weight-because-it-didn’t-go-down-the-next-week. POUNDS.

Obviously, three pounds is not THAT MUCH. But, when you’ve basically tripled your weekly activity level (before, I was doing Zumba once a week … most of the time), seeing a HIGHER number on the scale is a big let-down. And, I haven’t really changed my diet at all. I wasn’t doing anything special before, and I’m still doing nothing.

I’ve seen some minor changes — more definition, less jiggle — and I know I feel better, but this is really ticking me off.

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6 thoughts on “Week 5, Day 3: Looking for Benefits

  1. Emily says:

    Reblogged this on Kairos in Chaos and commented:

    I’m not trying to neglect our awesome joint blog, but I’m also blogging about my 5K training experience over at http://www.irunfordessert.wordpress.com. I’m not sure how well it fits in with the rest of these ladies’ insightful, beautiful posts, but this is my life for now.

  2. Julie says:

    You are gaining brain weight, because you have all that time to clear your mind while running.

  3. Toph says:

    Muscle Ms. Sikes. Gaining more muscle.

  4. Ben says:

    Yes, it’s your increase in muscles :), muscles are far more dense than fat…so initially you will gain weight but you will lose sizes =D

    Yep, I’ve been keeping up w/ your blog, lovin it!

  5. J9 STYLE says:

    Like everyone else said, it’s probably muscle.

  6. finleyt83 says:

    Ben is correct on this one I believe. You may gain a few pounds at first but eventually it will start going the other way. Also at any point your body weight can vary by like 5 or 6 lbs. depending on how much water intake you may have had.

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