Why Should You Read This Blog?

Summer is a 27-year-old running newbie who lives in Nashville, Tenn., with her husband. Although she has always been active, and particularly enjoys activities such as Pilates, yoga and weight lifting, she too was sucked into the running furor by a compelling friend. Like me, Summer is training for a 5K using the Couch to 5K running program. Although she started two weeks after me and Julie, her race is the same day: the St. Patty’s Day Kegs & Eggs 5K Run/Walk in Nashville.

I had a nice chat with Summer on Sunday night discussing exercise, getting old, blogging and what inspires her to get up in the freezing cold three days a week to run.

Do you regularly read any running or fitness blogs?

Not really; I read general fitness magazines and sometimes fitness or diet blogs, but nothing specific to running. So far, probably because I’m just four weeks in, I haven’t felt like I needed advice specific to running. Most of it is pretty self-explanatory or stuff I already know. Besides, my running group does a 15-minute Q&A before each session, and I’ve found that answers most of my questions so far.

I do sometimes read articles recommended by my friends on Facebook, but again, those aren’t usually on running only — mostly about diets, general fitness and exercise goals.

I think if I was a more experienced runner, or was running longer distances, I would be more interested in running-specific articles. I would have more questions about my running program then.

As a new runner, what do you look for in blogs/online sources?

Mainly, I’m looking for motivation. Pinterest is a good source for me. It has lots of links to good websites, blogs, etc. I’m interested in diets; not necessarily diets in the weight-loss sense — more of an overall view; what I’m putting into my body every day and the things I should be eating. I want to know if I’m eating the right things for what I’m doing and I love to find new recipes.

When you think about working out and being healthy throughout the day, it helps keep you on track.

How do you use social media for your own fitness plan?

I use Pinterest and blogs on Tumblr to find new workout playlists and routines; I love to read other people’s workout plans. They are so motivating and full of really good ideas! I signed up for a Tumblr blog that I never post on, just so I could follow other blogs.

I subscribe to a lot of Facebook fan pages about fitness and exercise, so I read some of the articles they post. Overall, I think I use Pinterest the most because it’s so motivational and there are so many links to other sites.

It gets a little overwhelming, actually. All these updates and emails. There’s way more there than I could ever read.

What are some ways this blog could use social media as a promotional tool?

Links on Pinterest are the best. That’s how I found most of the blogs I follow. Using pictures really helps there. Also, Facebook; I see a lot of posts and articles there and I tend to click on them.

Links to blogs on other blogs works great. When I see something on another blog that interests me, it makes me keep clicking through. I’ve come across blogs that way that I wouldn’t have ever found otherwise.

Email works too, sometimes. I sign up to follow some blogs and I remember to read them when they email me.

What are some post topics you would be interested in reading?

  • Different things to look for as you start a running program.
  • How to ease sore muscles; stretches and exercises that are good for runners.
  • Why new runners might gain weight when starting out; increased appetite.
  • Sharing experiences and motivational stuff (keeping it focused on motivations for new runners, if that what the blog is about. I have a hard time relating to someone who is running 15+ miles each day).
  • Recipes – running foods, protein shakes, etc.
  • Regional running groups; how to get involved and what races are coming up.
  • Running myths and truths: when do you reach the “runner’s high”? Is it different for different people?

What about you? Obviously you’re reading this now, but how did you find out about it? What kind of things would you be interested in reading about? Leave your answers in a comment and I’ll try to include some of them in future posts.

I can only write about my awesome shoes so many times.

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One thought on “Why Should You Read This Blog?

  1. Toph says:

    Any remedy for a knee that hurts after running?

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