Week 4, Day 2: PUSH IT!

Today, Julie and I finished week four, day two of our Couch to 5K running program. The workout duration was a total of 36 minutes, but that includes two 5-minute warm ups/cool downs. We ran for a total of 16 minutes — 3 minutes at a time, 5 minutes twice, then 3 minutes again — sandwiched between 2-minute and 3-minute walks.

We were really dreading the 5-minute sessions, as our 4-minute max on Monday was killer. BUT, we were able to keep conversation going the entire time — discussing our favorite new show (New Girl), Tina Fey’s bio “Bossypants” and a favorite blog-turned-book of mine, Stuff White People Like.

We even did 10 minutes of ab exercises after all that. Gluttons for punishment.


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